Gifting Options For The Men In Your Life

There are many occasions when you need to make the men in your life feel special and pampered. Ensure that you have marked those occasions on your calendar so that you have ample time to order and ship your gift right on time.

Gone are those days when simple gadgets or perfumes used to impress them. In today’s times, you have various unique gift options that you can explore. You must experiment with some of the new and exclusive online personalized gifts for men that will make them go wow. If you know the likes and preferences of the person for whom you need to buy a gift then things will surely become a lot easier but even if you don’t then you can go by your instincts. Here we are going to discuss some of the best items that you can purchase online, and you can send them directly to their doorstep through online shopping portals.

Popular Gifts For Men

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There are numerous online gifts for men that allow you to add a personal touch with your creative sense. Here is a list of some popular items that you can buy:

  • Watches
  • Funky T-Shirts, Party shirts, and more
  • Wallet and Belt
  • Robe & Shaving kits
  • Cufflinks & Tie Clips
  • Leather coat
  • Gloves & Cap
  • Cologne or Perfume

Cufflinks for men

You can customize some of these items, such as t-shirts and cufflinks. You can upload a picture of them and have it printed on it with a lovely message. This is sure to bring a smile on their face. Customised items are a great thing that you can give anyone and there are a plenty of more options that you can choose from, such as pens, clocks, pillows, and blankets.

You can bring back any memory from the past by framing a picture of time well spent together. How about a collage or printed picture book with all the pictures that remind of various events in life. This is just one way to give them something unique and that nobody else will. This is a perfect gift for your father brother and husband. There are several online sites that offer the feature of personalizing the gifts.

Electronics and Sporting Goods

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Every man loves electronics and sports, which means you can not go wrong by choosing one of such items. These are perfect for nearly every man, so when you are not very clear about the likes of the man, you can consider the following items:

  • Car chargers for phones
  • Camera or new lenses or filters
  • Tablet
  • Speakers, which can be wired or Bluetooth based and can be moved around easily
  • Laptop
  • Power bank, which can be used to charge the phone or other electronic devices
  • Headphones, such as wireless or Bluetooth based
  • Mobile phone
  • Electronic book reader and e-books or vouchers to purchase more
  • Gaming consoles

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For the geeks, electronic items would be great. There are many men who are fond of computer games and Playstations, so you can decide as per your budget. Sports lovers would love tickets to an upcoming game, sports equipment, and jerseys of their favourite team or player.

3D Printed Personalized Gifts For Men

Personalized Gifts For Men

Have you heard about 3D printed gifts? Well, if you haven’t, then you must surely Google it and find out the endless possibilities with 3D printing. It can turn just about any concept you have in reality. It gives you the freedom to personalize anything.

This technology is being used in various industries for prototyping. Talking about 3D printed gifts, it is the latest in-thing. Search for 3D printing companies and how they help you design your own gift. You can go for 3D printed:

  • Personalised Pen Stand
  • 3D Printed Cufflinks
  • Bike or Car Model
  • Custom Mic
  • Sculpture and plastic models like Buddha
  • Trophies and lots more

Gifts for the Foodies

A gourmet gift basket might not be the first idea that comes to your mind when it comes to gifts for him, but if you think again, you will know it is not a bad idea at all. You can even allow you to add a personal touch to the gift hamper.

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If the person for who you need a gift is a foodie, then you can confidently go for a gourmet gift basket. Gourmet items like cakes, cookies, chocolates and other such things are loved by almost everyone. So, you can make a customised gift basket yourself with some of the tastiest exotic things to eat. There is no reason why he won’t like it.

You can also give such a basket along with some gift if you want to make it extra special.You can add one of the following items:

  • Coffee maker and beans, which should contain some of their favorite brews or new flavors
  • Cooking utensils, especially if they love to cook or try their hands on new things
  • Gift cards of his favourite or any other popular restaurant
  • Food subscriptions, which can be purchased in advance and sent to them
  • Candy, cakes which can be chocolate flavoured or any other favorite sweet items
  • Wine or other liquor

Think Of A Gift That Is Extra Special

Custom Lapel Pin | MakeWhale

Whenever you do something extra to make the gift special, it clearly gets reflected and the recipient can clearly get the message that you care. So, never think that putting in that extra time and effort won’t be noticed. It surely would. However, you should always make sure that you are picking the best present for him. If it’s for your husband, boyfriend, father, son or brother then your gift must surely tell them how much they are loved.

So, go online and explore various online personalized gift for men. Don’t rush into buying; take a few days to explore and decide so that you are happy with the decision.

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