Easy Valentine Gift Ideas For Men

Valentine is the season of loving, caring and sharing. It is the perfect time to gift lovely presents to your loved ones and make them smile. During this time of the year, everyone  is on a shopping spree buying all kinds of things for their home, family and friends. How can you forget the men in your life on an occasion as special as Valentine Day? They surely deserve to feel special.

You can choose from a variety of items when it comes to gifts for men. When buying gifts, first consider the likes of the person. Know if your man loves reading, electronics, hard drinks, or work of art; and accordingly, choose a Valentine Day gift for your men from a wide range. This article suggests some nice gift options that you can consider buying this Valentine Days.

Gifts For The Boozer

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When it comes to gifts for men, there are some great gift packs that contain liquor and liquor accessories. If he likes to drink wine, then you can get him some fancy wine glasses. For the whiskey drinker, you can find a nice single malt that he would surely love. You can also find a good set of whiskey glasses or some whiskey stones, which are used to keep the drink cold.

For the beer fanatic, you can go for a brewing set that has everything to enjoy beer. Using it he would be able to make his own beer and enjoy the process. However, if you are looking for something, which is a bit more fun, you can book him a beer tasting night or a tour to his favourite brewery. This can also be done for wine, especially if you want to tag along and take a tour of the winery. Various glasses and liquor bottles in innovative shapes can also be included.

Tools For The Skilled

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For a man who likes to get his hands dirty, tools would be the right gift this Valentine. There are always new items coming out every year that can be purchased for them, including:

  • Power tools like drills, screwdrivers
  • Nail guns
  • Saws, including circular, jigsaw
  • Sander
  • Power wrench
  • Table saw
  • Heat gun
  • Soldering iron

These tools not need necessarily be used by the garage mechanics or technicians only. For men who like to do things on their own, they are perfect. Such tools are preferred by most men so if you gift your man with a set of necessary tools, he surely would like your idea. He would love to use these to explore his creativity.

You can also get him items that he would need to use with the tools, such as wood, etc. If you really want to surprise him, you can spruce up his entire space with tools, workbenches and some accessories to make it interesting.

Electronics For Gadget Freaks

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There are many electronic items that you can gift your husband, fiance, boyfriend, father and brother. You cannot go wrong with electronics, especially if they are related to mobile phone, music, and internet. Depending on your budget, and their likes, you can find plenty of items that they would love. Some of them include:

  • Electronic book readers
  • Tablets
  • Wireless speakers
  • Fitness tracker, but make sure it pair well with their phone or watch
  • Shavers with various blades
  • Grooming Kit
  • Mobile phones
  • Earphones, with noise canceling and/or bluetooth feature
  • Online movie or television series subscription
  • Camera with some lenses, filters and fun accessories
  • Coffee maker
  • Gaming consoles with the latest games

There are so many options when it comes to electronics; so think well before you choose. Depending on what you pick, there are other items you can pair them with, such as:

  • Gift vouchers for various sites
  • Power banks
  • Portable chargers
  • Music CDs or USB loaded with his favorite songs

These are just a few of the options that pair well with the devices you can get. They can also be gifted individually and can be used by anyone.

Books For Avid Readers

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One of the best Valentine gifts ideas for men are books. If your significant other is tech-savvy and loves to read, get him an ebook reader. If he loves a specific author, then get a complete set of books by that author installed in it. If you can find him a rare edition or signed copy, that would be excellent. If you do not know what kind of books he likes, then you can give him an online subscription to a book club where he can read his favourite books.

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Also, there are other items that you can purchase along with books like a reading light. This would help him to read his books without having to keep the room light on. You can find out when their favorite author is going to be in the area for any reason and book him an event ticket. There is so much that one can find for the book lover that does not just include books, but it can cover much more.

Personalised Gifts

You can always find something that will intrigue men, so ensure that you start your shopping early. Finding the right present can be difficult sometimes, but there are many options if you explore nicely. Wear your thinking hat, and keep searching till you find a gift he will love. Be patient and never buy the first thing you like else you might regret later after you find something better.  

Personalized Gifts for Mens

Personalized Gifts for Mens

Some more gifts for him are personalised gifts, gift hampers, personalised t-shirts, party shirt, anything artistic, holiday package and others. The men in your life would surely be happy to receive any of the presents mentioned in this article on Valentine Days or any other occasion. So choose the one that would work the best for them after considering your budget.


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