Planning The First Wedding Anniversary Gifts With Care

Your wedding day was one of the most important days of your life, and undoubtedly the most special one too. That is why to celebrate the special occasion you would want to create lovely memories that you would cherish all life. You surely will celebrate your anniversary every year but the first anniversary will always be special and must be celebrated by you in the most unique way.

However, the budget may become a constraint for many; and to make things easy, it’s always good to make a list of gifts, which are remembered not for their cost, but for the sweet thought of gifting. That is why wedding anniversary gifts and especially the first-anniversary gift can be thought about from a different angle, where the price is kept at the last and in the budget. At present, there are many trendy online platforms, which give you the option for customization, and you can mix and match ideas to give a special gift to your beloved.

Think About Home Decor Gifts

Home Decor Gifts


Small interesting home décor items can be fun, and your spouse may not be able to guess this in advance that you are thinking about some nice home decoration gift. It may be a lampshade, wall art of your spouse liking, decorative show piece for a table-top, a clock for bedside table, much-needed storage cabinet or just about anything, which is nice to look at.

When a couple lives in a home, decorating it should be a joint venture. Hence, it looks worth when you invest in this idea. To get started with the planning, you may think of any nice object and get it personalised or created by a 3D design service. Nowadays, it is easy to materialize any wedding anniversary gifts out of imagination by the use of 3D printing technology.

Get An Anniversary Memorandum Or Certificate In A Stylish Box

You can write your feelings by simple writing ink or 3D print in a paper and get it decorated. You can write a wish for the anniversary or any such sweet things. You may then put the paper in a nice stylish box or cute roller container. This box can be a nice eye candy for your spouse with beautiful artistic design and color. It is totally up to your creativity how you create and style your gift.

Photo Keychains, Photo Frames Or 3d Sculpture

3d Sculpture

Personalized Sound-Wave Keychain

Photo frames and keychains always look great, but they can become the best gift when you personalise them with 3D printing. Personalization does not essentially have to be with 3D printing technology. There are others ways to do it too. The entire frame in any size can be made using a 3D printer by overlaying any preferred material like plastic etc. Think of romantic ideas like miniature 3D models with 3D quotes, name initials or hand or finger impression, etc. How about a 3D sculpture of your spouse or anything that highlights your relationship! You can package it in a nice gift basket with other goodies.

How About a 3D Card?

3D Card | Image Resource :


A 3D card made from a hard material to help it stay on a table top like a solid frame is a nice way to make the first wedding anniversary gift memorable. Your spouse will surely treasure it.

Earrings, Pendants, And Fingerings

Pendant Jewellery


Jewellery too can be personalised these days with marvelous 3D printing technology that has widened the scope of gifting with new possibilities. You can think about getting your name or marriage date imprinted on earrings, finger ring or pendant. You can also go for a pendant with a thumb impression of you or your spouse.

You can make use of metal 3D printing to get this done. If you go to a jeweller, you will probably get this done at a higher cost, and yet detailing won’t be up to the mark, just because the design would be carved by hand. That is why to get things done with utmost perfection in a nice, artistic way, and that too in budget, you may try jewelry made by 3D technology. This will undoubtedly be one of the most unique first-anniversary wedding gifts.

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses | Image Resource:


You can create the best and most personalized wine glasses for your spouse and you. Glasses with 1st-anniversary wishes etched on them, or quotes or 1st written on the stand would actually make for something special. They would definitely be special for the style and gesture, of course.

Cutlery Set
You can be a little more creative to make a cutlery set where your names or an anniversary message makes for the holding body or some special etching or carving on it. Such a set would always be used at home. And you can make such metallic item out of 3D printing with a little planning.

Wall Sticker For Bedroom

Wall Sticker | Image Resource:


You can explore more of your creative side by crafting a wall sticker design for your bedroom, which would be in solid 3D style and contain special wishes or words for this date and day. This may contain your names, the marriage date, your faces in metallic work, or any such interesting thing that relates to the first wedding anniversary.

First-Anniversary Bracelet Or Watch



You can choose bracelets for both of you or couple watches personalized for the first anniversary. This can be a great way to keep this special day’s essence locked in an exclusive object, which you would often wear or would wear on special occasions.

Plenty of such creative, yet budget-friendly wedding anniversary gift ideas and gifting experiences and memories are possible when you think creatively and also use smart technology to surprise your beloved. Go online, search, search and search more till you find something really good and nice. Remember, the first anniversary will come just once and the memories will stay for life. So, go that extra mile and tell your beloved how much you value this relationship. Gifting is a great way to build that special bond and is always worth the effort.

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