Creative 3D Printing Christmas Gift Ideas To Impress Your Coworkers

Christmas is a time of exchanging gifts and partying. Although gift-giving should not be considered necessary, many people do exchange gifts on this festive occasion. There has been a trend of giving and receiving gifts on Christmas from time immemorial.

Today, you can pretty well customize your gifts and choose from a wide array of gift items for your loved ones or for your co-workers. Besides, it is not always about giving presents or gifts, but rather sharing happiness and season’s greetings. That is the reason why the secret Santa gifts you buy for your close pals and teammates are always special and must be thoughtfully planned.

Before discussing the gift ideas for Christmas, let us first discuss some important gift buying pointers.

Tips To Choose Christmas Gifts For Co-workers

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When looking for Christmas gift ideas for co-workers, many things automatically come into consideration. They are as follows:

  • You should choose gifts, which are in your budget as you need buy items in bulk for all your co-workers in office or business.
  • Choose a nice item to show people how creative, thoughtful, and tasteful you are.
  • There is nothing bad about being smart and saving money but don’t buy something sub-standard.
  • If you get an option of personalizing the gift, never miss it.
  • You should choose similar or, if possible, exactly same items so that no one gets an opportunity to point fingers at you.
  • Choosing the same item as Christmas gift makes it easy for you to get the bulk discount while buying or ordering.
  • You should consider choosing small items, which would be handy to carry and distribute.

With all that in mind, do you think choosing one smart, budget friendly, interesting, useful, memorable and nice Santa gift is possible? Well, it is possible when you use 3D technology to transform your thoughtful and unique Christmas gift ideas into reality.

3D – Create Inexpensive, Crafty, And Creative Christmas Gifts

2D and 3D printing have opened new vistas for people to customize gifts. While you can put quotes, messages, impressions, etc on every item like T-shirts, cups, mugs, plates, trophies, keychains and what not with 2D printing, you can also design the whole new object with your chosen material using 3D printing. The advanced age printing has made it possible for you to create solid objects using 3D printers that print layers on the material one by one until the object is created and gets shape. Materials like latex, rubber, plastic, and some metals are used in diverse ways to create 3D objects out of a 3D printer. When you choose 3D printing technology to customize your ideas of Christmas gifts, you can talk to the designer to know how the end result would be.

Quite interestingly, the more number of objects you order, lower will be the price due to bulk manufacturing, thereby making it a great way to choose your low-cost Santa gifts. Hence, you should always try buying Christmas corporate gifts in bulk for co-workers.

What Kind of Santa Gifts can You Plan To Give To Your Co-workers?

Unique gifts are what make a giver stand out from others. If you are also thinking of giving unique gifts to your co-workers, simply make a plan; work on it to transform it into reality using 3D printing service. There are a lot of things that you can make with 3D printing at a low cost. They are as follows:

  1. Pen stand: 3D pen stand with some quotes, company logo or some nice Christmas message can be a perfect gift in a small budget. You can get this decorated in any style, color or shape you like.

    pen stand

  2. Table lamp: A small table lamp with a custom design shade can be created with the use of classy 3D designing. You can choose from oval to rectangle and square-shaped lanterns for gifting.

    table lamp

  3. Design stencil: A stencil used to make some nice designs or to make working easy is always of great use, and yet is a very creative and low cost product. Therefore you can always get this item in bulk for your coworkers this Christmas.
  4. Book Tags / Bookmarks : These are excellent gifts at a low cost, and you can make artistic bookmarks using 3D printing technology. This is ideal for reading enthusiasts.


  5. Keychains: They are popular as corporate gifts because they are affordable and useful. But in today’s time you can create a unique keychain with a miniature 3D model of anything like a bike, guitar, book, phone, teddy or any other thing you can think of.


  6. Card holders: You can go for 3D business card holders designed tastefully to give your co workers as a Christmas gift. They would be proud to display it on their desk. It is a useful thing too.

    card holder

  7. Company logo: How about a 3D company logo? Many companies go for a creatively designed 3d model of a logo that serves as a great work of art. It helps in branding as well.

    themed photo frame

  8. Themed photo frame: With 3D printing, you can get really unique photo frames. This is liked by one and all and is a great way to cherish memories. One can keep a photo frame on office desk or bed side.

    wireframe clock

  9. Wireframe clock: A clock has always been a popular gift item. The design of a 3D wireframe clock is simply wonderful. Whoever will look at it, will appreciate it.
  10. Plastic models: You can go for 3D plastic models of Buddha, Ganesha, or any other thing. These serve as great decorative pieces that can never go unnoticed.

There are enormous possibilities when it comes to 3D printing gifts for Christmas. You can talk to the design team of 3D printing company for more ideas and enhancements. More options are desktop organizers, 3D printed drawings, sculpture and more. Add more depth and dimension to your gifts while using your creativity to design Christmas gifts.

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