Personalized Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

Music is food for the soul, and there are many types of music for people with varying tastes. Some like soft music while others like fast rock music, some like popular music while others like hip-hop or folk music. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is strongly into music like singing, composing music, or playing any musical instrument, then you must buy a gift that is related to music. He will not only like it but love it and keep it with care always.

While selecting a gift for someone who has a strong passion for music, you need to be creative and think over the board. Your gift also depends on the nature of your relationship with the person. Also, the choice may depend on whether you share a professional or personal bonding with the person. You can customize the gift by having their name or initials inscribed on it.  

How To Personalize The Gift?

The task of gifting really becomes easy when you know about the person’s preferences, tastes, habits, and desires. For example, if you know about the favourite musical instrument or artist then you can choose a gift accordingly. However, if you don’t know anything like this about the person then while deciding the gift, you need to go by your instinct and likes. Do try and spend some time in searching and exploring various options. Do invest some time and you will certainly get a gift of your choice. Never hurry and you will surely get a gift as per your idea of a perfect gift.

When the person for who you need to buy a gift is close, you obviously put in efforts of knowing his preferences and apply your creative thoughts and ideas and try as much as you can to make the gift special for that person.  You put a lot of efforts to choose this gift as per the choice, taste, and liking of that person and generally your emotions about that person are attached to the gift.

Hence to buy a gift for your music enthusiast friend, you must know the kind of music he enjoys or the type of instrument he loves to play or any instrument or music accessory he is looking forward to own. This information will surely help you think of some exciting personalised gift ideas.

3D Printed Personalised Gifts

Today 3D printed gifts are in trend and are being liked by one and all. Personalising them is fun as you can turn any idea into reality.  This technology is used in various industries for prototyping and now it is being used to make specific gifts. If you need a gift for a music lover, you can get a 3D model made of any music related thing like gramophone speakers, artistic trophies, a sculpture of a famous music artist, a 3D showpiece of any musical instrument like a piano or guitar and many more. If you can think about it, you can get it made. Some more personalized gift ideas for a music enthusiast are music notations, 3D models or posters of favourite artists, a mic, a small recorder, DVD and many such things.

Personalisation adds that special touch to the gift and is clearly understood and felt by the recipient. This is the way to go when you want the recipient to know that you truly care. A personalized gift will stay in the memory of the person forever and all the time and effort you invest in it will become worth it. There are several websites that allow you to send personalised gifts. You can explore their 3D printed gift ideas for personalised gifts and choose accordingly.

Gift a Microphone

You can opt to gift this to your music enthusiast friend, especially if he is into singing. A microphone will give your singer friend a chance to rehearse his performances conveniently at home or in his personal studio. Singers generally look for the latest microphones that are available in the market.

3D Microphone Replica


A multi-dimensional microphone with surround sound are trending these days. This also comes handy to amplify the sound of the instrument they are playing like guitar and keyboard. 3D microphone replica model is another appropriate gift for a music lover.  You may even personalise the microphone using 3D printing:

Personalise Guitar Picks

A guitar is something that all music lovers dream of owning. It surely is a popular instrument amongst music lovers. They come in various designs and price range. Buy only if you are sure what the person prefers. You may even opt for other types of music-related gifts like a guitar-shaped keychain, a tabletop with guitar printed on it, a pen stand that has guitar on it, a guitar-shaped brooch. You can also go for unique 3D guitar picks.

Custom 3D Guitar Picks

Gift a Keyboard

If your friend loves playing the keyboard or a piano, you can go for a keyboard model. Did you ever think that you can order a 3D keyboard model as a token of love to your music enthusiast friend? Yes, today you can easily order it online at any 3D printing gifts store. You can even print some nice message or name of your friend. The recipient will surely treasure it.

Personalise Your Gift with Help of Designers

Personalized Music Keyboard Replica

Most 3D printing gift stores have designers to help you bring your gift idea into reality. You only need to tell them your concept, and they will work out a complete design which then is turned into a 3D model. You can go for a DJ console or turntable model too.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert at sketching the idea, simply tell them your thoughts and they will give you a few creative options to choose from.  If possible you can show some pictures to the designer Personalising the gift for your friend would certainly distinguish it from any other gift and he will cherish for rest of their life. Find a reliable gift store to buy a gift.

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