Things You Must Know About 3D Printing

3D printed products are becoming quite popular these days. It is the technology that can transform any digital idea or property into an object we can touch and feel. This innovative technology originated way back in the 80s; and till a few years ago, it was extensively used only for the purpose of prototyping products before mass production. However, today it is no longer used by big enterprises only; rather, it is catching the fancy of consumer market and also has several commercial applications.

3D Printing in India: Challenges, Scope and Limitations

makewhale-3D-printed-cufflinks3D Printed Silver Cufflinks | Image Source:

Today, many 3D printing companies in India are coming up considering the promise it holds. It is easily accessible, recognised and within one’s reach unlike few years ago when it was quite expensive. Also, 3D printing can be done on plastic, ceramic, glass, stainless steel and precious metals as well. So, there is a world of options on what can be made using this technology.

Talking about 3D printing in India, it is a bit challenging as people are not quite aware of its uses and benefits. Several businesses don’t know about 3D printing, how it works and how it can be advantageous to them. So marketing the idea of 3D printing and creating its need or want is a challenge. However, with some earnest efforts the target market can easily be familiarised with this technology.

From consumer products, construction and military to medical field and parts replacement, the uses of 3D printing are unlimited. Low cost and numerous applications have made 3D printing the technology of future. There is no doubt that 3D printing is revolutionising the world in a great way, yet there are certain limitations related to cost, feed-stock materials and technology. There are intellectual property concerns too as 3D printing files are digital and can be copied quite easily.

People Are All Game For 3D Printed Products

Slowly people are gaining knowledge about this technology and have a desire to buy 3D printed products like clothes, showpieces, keepsakes, jewellery, toys and lots more. Moreover, companies are marketing this technology in several cool ways that has resulted in the popularity of 3D printed products.

MakeWhale-13D Gold Pendant Made Using 3D Printing Technology

India is becoming a hub for modern day innovations, and the corporate world is well aware of the business potential of the Indian market. Indian entrepreneurs are signing partnerships with foreign companies for sharing the modern day technology of 3D printing. Moreover, the emergence of local 3D printer manufacturers in India is sure to transform the 3D printing industry.


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