5 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

1) The Puzzle Set

This 3D printed personalised accessory set comes with a perk! Not only do you get to surprise your mom with this 3D printed unique personalised gift, you also get to keep one just for yourself! It’s one of the best personalized gifts online.
You can personalize this with your initials, an important date or a symbol you like!


The Puzzle Set

2) Sound-wave Accessories

Express yourself in a unique way with these unique personalized gifts ! Just record your favourite word or phrase, send it in and wait till it’s been turned into a beautiful 3D printed sound-wave pendant or keychain made especially for your mom! It’s a customized gift that’s unique and useful!

2) Sound-wave Accessories

Sound-wave Accessories

3) Fingerprint Accessories

MakeWhale has taken customization to a whole new level. Now you can use your fingerprints to create a pendant that is not only unique but is also personal and special. It’s definitely a gift your mother will cherish! Add this to your list of your favourite personalised gifts online and 3D printed customized gifts!

3) Fingerprint accessories

Fingerprint Pendant

4) Monogram Jewellery

MakeWhale’s monogram pendants are some of the best personalized jewellery options in India. Their 3D printing and design services help turn your initials into a personalised monogram pendant or keychain. These personalized pendants and keychains are easily available online. These are also serve as unique corporate gifts or corporate Diwali gifts. Personalized gifts are always more special than the standard gifts.

4) Monogram Jewellery

Monogram Jewellery

5) Quote Bookmark

MakeWhale uses it’s 3D printing service in Mumbai, India in the most unique and thoughtful ways! Replace Mother’s Day greeting cards with these personalized quote bookmarks and let her know how special she is! Personalized gifts online have never been this special! These also work well as unique corporate gifts and can be included in your list for unique corporate gift ideas!

Quote Bookmark

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