Gifting season is here !

Bored of the same gifts and looking for new Diwali gift ideas? 3D Printed gifts from MakeWhale is the answer. Create unique corporate gifts or personalized gifts for your loved ones.

Corporate gifting usually consists of the same boring products year after year. This year, create your own customized products to truly showcase the occasion. From customized trophies, to personalized gifts you can now design and 3D print your corporate gifts at MakeWhale.

How do you 3D print your corporate gift? It’s easy – simply reach out to us with your idea, or even if you have no idea we will co-develop the gift with you. After the idea is finalising we send it off to our 3D printers and the final product is soon delivered to you!

We realise that you’re constantly on the lookout for new Diwali gift ideas. 3D printing is the perfect solution for you. A gift is truly special when it is personal. With MakeWhale, you can personalize gifts like never before. You can 3D print everything from 3D printed jewelry such as customized pendants, cufflinks and rings to personalized gifts!

Don’t take our word for it though! Here’s what Vogue Magazine (June 2016) had to say about us:

“Mumbai-based MakeWhale have a gift for every occasion – and they are all personalised. Planning to gift your man another set of cufflinks? Just send them an image of your fingerprints and you’ll soon have your touch on the sterling silver cufflinks. You can also get a matching 3D printed pendant for yourself.”

And so does Architectural Digest (December 2015):

“A recent entrant on the Mumbai design scene is MakeWhale – a design studio that offers customized 3D printed products and solutions. Founded by Mumbai resident Siddharth Sah, the studio works with a variety of materials from basic plastics to metals, and can conceptualize and co-design products if clients are unsure of what they want. MakeWhale uses industrial-size 3D machines, as opposed to desktop machines, which are mainly used for prototyping.”

3D printing has truly enabled the consumer to create gifts for every occasion. With wedding season just around the corner, we’ve got your covered with your wedding gifts as well. From personalized invites to customized cufflinks on your wedding day, 3D printed gifts are for everyone! You can now give truly unique gifts to the bride and groom and we all know how difficult it is to find personalized gifts for men!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your 3D printing needs in India!

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